Healthcare mobile app development services

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Healthcare mobile app development services

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The fact that technology has promoted healthcare mobile app development services is not able to deny. Mobile technologies are developing at such a rapid pace, being the driving power behind improvements in healthcare mobile app. Savvycom would be very pleased to assist you in the development of mobile healthcare applications and put you at the forefront of the healthcare industry. We are in the business of digital innovation and love building world-beating apps that surpass client expectations as well as meet user demands through scalable and robust solutions.

At Savvycom – A software development company, we have been offering strategic IT solutions to our clients since 2009, specifically, Savvycom’s domain technology is in healthcare mobile apps that build adherence and engagement. Our healthcare app developers with their seasoned experience and passion for IT offer development services that are always in alignment with the clients’ vision as well as bring the greatest experience to both physicians and patients.
Jio Health app should be the great example of healthcare mobile apps in Savvycom, which includes (but not limited to) the following:
1.      High technology to connect physicians and patients
Savvycom software developers always provide the most useful solutions, with the clients, to help the mobile apps meet the users’ requirements and demand. For example, Jio-Heath mobile app is integrated with key amazing features, such as high-quality WebRTC - a project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera. Its telemedicine feature allows health professionals to assess their patients remotely in real time and throughout their treatment.
2.     All-in-one for better real time healthcare services and managements
Savvycom healthcare mobile apps include built-in functions to extract automatically data from medical and fitness devices (e.g., blood pressure cuff, scales, glucometers). These information in the form of intuitive graphs and deep insights, makes it even easier to track user health conditions.
3.     Safety online payment
The highly security payment gateway allows patients to make safely finance transactions online and ensures financial and compliance risk elimination, cuts payment reconciliation cycle times.
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